Embracing Being an Aging Adult with Dr. Mary Flett

With retirement comes being an aging adult and there is so much more to retirement than kicking back and letting nature take its course. Beyond financial risks, retirement brings on mental and social challenges as well. There is still so much to be given. Retirement could be a new lease on life. 

On this episode, Dave discusses embracing aging with Dr. Mary Flett, founder of the Five Pillars of Aging and an aging adult herself, to discuss the social, mental, and psychological means and transitions you will experience in retirement. 

In this episode you will learn about

– physical, social, and psychological factors of retirement being a major life transition

– tips and tricks to manage transitioning from working to retirement

– semi-retirement being a form of adaption and accommodation 

– how planning for the unexpected is important such as serious life event or medical condition 

For more information on the five pillars of aging please visit www.drmaryflett.com

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