Episode 15: How State Taxes Play Into the Tax-Free Paradigm

I will be talking about state taxes. What you can do to choose the right state in retirement to help you reduce your overall tax rate risk.

When it comes to picking a place to live in retirement taxes very seldom hit the top five reasons of any published list. 

In fact, the top five reasons most people choose to live where they do in retirement are the following. Number one is neighborhood safety. Retirees want to make sure they live in a place they can feel safe. They’re at a point in their life. They don’t need any more drama and drama often comes with many of the unsafe neighborhoods. Number two is familiarity. retirees want to live in an area they feel comfortable getting around, and this is why most retirees will choose to retire in the same place they live during most of their working years. Number three is healthcare. As we age healthcare needs increase and we all want to make sure we’re getting the best care we possibly can for the health issues we’re facing. Retirees will choose to live in an area where they feel comfortable that the local health system will meet their needs. And number four is access to shopping and activities. Retirement is all about getting out and enjoying your life. Therefore retirees pick areas to live in, that have the amenities they enjoy. And number five is social opportunities. We’re social beings we’re created to be around other people. And retirees want to be in an environment where they’re surrounded by like minded individuals. This is why there’s so many retirement communities build up across the country. 

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