Episode 33: Five things to be grateful for as we approach retirement

I want to talk about five things that I believe we all should be grateful for as we approach retirement. 

 The number one thing on my list for things that I believe we should all be thankful for, especially as we approach retirement, is the Social Security program. It may seem strange that I’m thankful for a government program, but when you look at it, it’s been able to give a much better life to retirees, and it has been helping them live a more safe and secure life. 

 The program was brought about back in 1935 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and it was set up for two main purposes. The first one was to be an insurance against living too long as average life expectancy at that time was only 62, and you couldn’t start getting benefits until age 65. The other one was to help alleviate poverty in retirement. At that time, about 50% of retirees were living below the poverty level, and so they put the program in place to hopefully help those individuals have a much better life….

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