Episode 34. Rebalance Your Portfolio (Buckets)

If you were to look at the retirement plans of most Americans, what you would find is that 95% of them are out of balance. 95% of these plans have the majority of their assets in the tax deferred bucket, which means the majority of their retirement is subject to tax rate risk. with federal spending skyrocketing and more baby boomers coming on to Social Security and Medicare each day. 

All we have to do is look at the math to realize taxes cannot stay where they are today. And America be able to continue to meet their debts and obligations. Which is why I believe if you are one of the 95% of Americans who has their retirement assets and traditional tax deferred accounts like 401 Ks and traditional IRAs, you’re overdue for a rebalancing of your assets. And the power of zero paradigm retirement planning is as simple as the three bucket system, the taxable bucket, the tax deferred bucket and the tax free bucket. 

Very few people have the right amount of money in their taxable bucket, the rich, they almost always overfunded and the poor, well, they almost always underfunded, the bucket should be filled with liquid assets you can use to bail yourself out in case of an emergency. the appropriate amount you should have in this bucket when you reach retirement is about six months of basic living expenses.

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