Episode 5: Tax Deferred Bucket

The tax deferred bucket is an interesting bucket because this is where 95% of America’s retirement assets are being held. There are over $22 trillion held inside of some type of tax deferred account. When you compare that to the tax free bucket or assets that are being put into Roth IRAs, or Roth conversions or Roth 401 K’s there is only about 1 trillion dollars that’s being put in these tax free bucket. So it’s a bucket that’s been filled for a long time. 

Now, why are these accounts getting funded so much? Well, a couple of reasons. One, because the government’s pushing us to put money into these realizing that there is an asset that’s being built inside of the governmental system for them to take advantage of at some future date. But also because many of our advisors that we’ve met with have encouraged us to make these contributions. If you sat down with the majority of CPAs, EAS or even professional Financial Advisors, they’re going to tell you that you need to continue to find this tax deferred bucket. And why do they tell you that? Because you’re getting a current deduction, and it’s making them look good. 

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