Finding Solutions for Social Security Without Tax Hikes with Russell Gloor


“There is no question that Social Security must be reformed to come to grips with today’s reality.” – Russell Gloor

On this episode of the Retirement Risk Show, Dave Hall invites Russell Gloor to discuss the hot topic of Social Security. Russell shares his experience working for the nonprofit affiliate of the Association of Mature American Citizens, the AMAC Foundation, and their Social Security advisory service that fields about 8000 questions per year.  Dave and Russell discuss the myths and misunderstandings about Social Security, and how the program is being impacted by demographic and life expectancy changes. They also dive into the proposed solution from AMAC to restore Social Security’s solvency without increasing taxes and the ongoing discussions in Washington, DC about the program’s future.

Key Topics: 

  • History of discussions about the insolvency of Social Security, the current state of the program, and possible solutions
  • The advantages of delaying claiming Social Security and how it can impact lifetime benefits
  • Overview of the Social Security Guarantee proposal from AMAC to address the solvency issue
  • Discussion of myths and misunderstandings surrounding Social Security, including the idea that people won’t get back what they’ve paid into the program
  • Importance of understanding Social Security as a critical component of retirement planning

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