How to create a retirement plan that accounts for income diversity

How to Create a Retirement Plan that Accounts for Income Diversity with Brian Britt

On this episode of RRS, host Dave Hall invites Brian Britt to discuss the topic of income diversity in retirement planning. They cover several issues from the history of diversification, managing risk in retirement, the importance of income diversity, to proper retirement planning for a sustainable and comfortable retirement. They also discuss principal protected products such as annuities and permanent life insurance, which is useful in mitigating stock market volatility and creating additional income streams. 

Key Topics Covered: 

  • Definition of lack of income diversity risk
  • The importance of planning for and needing various income streams in retirement
  • Methods to increase and create new sustainable retirement income (that protect against other financial risk in retirement as well)
  • Principal protected products such as annuities that can generate income and help mitigate risk

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