What Future Tax Rates Have in Store for Your Retirement with Brian Britt

Retirement planning for the longest time has been heavily reliant on tax-deferred accounts and Social Security. And while this paradigm worked for the previous generations, especially after pensions began fading, relying heavily on tax-deferred accounts does not work well anymore. Today tax-free and tax-advantaged accounts are best! 

Why did the old paradigm work so well for previous generations but not now? 

And why do tax-free and tax-advantaged methods work better? 

This week’s episode answers those questions and so much more about tax rate risk in retirement. To discuss this risk Dave brings on Brian Britt, an expert partner with Retirement Risk Advisors. 

During this episode you will learn about: 

-Definition of lack of income diversity risk

-The importance of planning for and needing various income streams in retirement

-Methods to increase and create new sustainable retirement income (that protect against other financial risk in retirement as well)

-Principal protected products such as annuities that can generate income and help mitigate risk

For more information on tax rate risk, its impact on retirements, and how you can tackle it, listen to episode 63 of the Retirement Risk Show! 

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