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 Dave Hall is a CPA, public speaker, webinar presenter, podcaster, and the founder of Retirement Risk Advisors. Dave graduated from Southern Utah University with a master’s degree in accounting. Shortly after, Dave moved to Las Vegas where he soon became the managing partner of one of the largest firms in the area. 

Wishing to help others acheive a tax-free, risk-free retirement. Dave left his role as Managing Partner and moved to Puerto Rico where he began building his foundation for retirement risk education. Now, he lives in Tennessee with his family and spends his time educating on various retirement risk topics. 

Dave has shared his knowledge through webinars, podcasts, and speaking engagements to over 200,000 CPAs and their clients. This number is ever-growing with 3,500 weekly podcast listeners and 4,000+ monthly attendees to his education events. 

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