EPISODE 01: Welcome to Crypto Island

Thomas Walsh, Crypto Instructor joins The Prosperity Gap to discuss Crypto Currency. 

What is Crypto Currency? Is there still opportunities to make money in crypto currency? What do you invision for the next 10 years for Crypto?

In Crypto we have a nickname for Puerto Rico. We call it Crypto island. The windfall from Crypto will come and they are currently looking to move to a place where they will not be heavily taxed but still be in the US. The island is building a utopia for Crypto communities.

“Good people with good money do good things” there is a great future for those that invest in Crypto and a better life for people that they can help. 

You are going to hear a lot from friends and family and they are not professional investors or advisors and they are listening to the media. It is not too late, or used for illegal activity. Learn and get your feet wet by doing just a little. 

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