EPISODE 12: Making Your Finances a Family Matter

Kat Kahanic a freelance writer and graphic designer joined us to discuss family and finances. The thing I love about our guest Kat, is how she described getting into financial literacy. She said that there was not a silver bullet, or this one moment that came to her, but it was more of an evolution. She said it was really, “a gradual awakening” that put her on the financial path to tell her story. She does also credit the fact that FinCon was also a huge boost for her to help get her story out.

When talking about finances we really have to be on the same page with our spouse. And in every relationship we usually have a saver and a spender. I am definitely the spender in my family. But we really balance each other out in the end and when we get on the same page that is where the fireworks happen. That leads to better communication in our finances and over all in our marriage and we become a force to be reckon with and debt becomes eliminated. 

If you are still in this horrible cycle of trying to get out of debt and your budget is not working, you are watching what you spend, but your spouse blows your savings, then you are not on the same page and you need this podcast in your life. Not only does Kat talk about her journey to paying off debt, but she discusses her weekly budget meeting with her husband and how those meetings always didn’t go so well. 

Let’s face it. We are all trying to get out of debt and become financially free. That means saving money for retirement, vacations, and things that sound exciting and really give us comfort knowing we have money and we are not living paycheck to paycheck. But sometimes we end up with setbacks that deplete our emergency savings and then we have to rebuild. Kat talks about this in the show and how boring it is too replenish this account after you suck it dry. And she’s right. None of us like to save just for an emergency but we would rather be saving for a trip to Europe, or the somewhere exciting.

To get to the point, you and I need to make sure we are working as a team with our spouses and that is the only way we will get out of debt and on to financial freedom. Learn how Kat finds success in being a team player and how her passion for frugal living is helping her reach financial independence. Track her journey also on her financial blog, familyfiproject.com.

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