Episode 22: 12 Rules of a Risk Free Retirement Plan

Getting to a tax free and risk free retirement may be one of the toughest things you will ever have to do, but the process will be much easier if you know the rules. 

I’ll be sharing with you the 12 rules of a risk free retirement plan. 

#1- Everyone’s retirement situation is different.
#2 – You’re not likely to be in a lower tax bracket in retirement.
#3 – There’s an ideal amount to have in the taxable and tax deferred bucket in an environment where tax rates are rising.
#4 – Anything above the ideal balance in the first two buckets should be systematically moved over to the tax free bucket.
#5 – Anything with the word Roth in the name is your friend.
#6 –  The best way to deal with long term carry bed is with a life insurance retirement plan.
#7 – Social Security taxation is a big deal.
#8 – You will need more than just one stream of tax free income in retirement.
#9 –  Know your magic number.
#10 – You want to have your heavy lifting done before 2026.
#11 – Never annuitize your retirement at the tax deferred bucket.
#12 – It’s better to have help when trying to get to the zero percent tax bracket.

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