EPISODE 27: How teens can prepare for a better financial future

Jolie Viguers, Bean Counter & Financial Coach joins the podcast to share her story and to help us prepare our teenagers for a better financial future. 

Financial literacy is not being taught in the high school. If they do offer a class, many of the kids are so focused on getting their requited classes they have no time for actual classes that can help them, like financial literacy. 

If you can not find a way for your teen to learn about finance in school you need to do it somewhere else. Education at home or hire a financial/money coach. 

There are a lot of free resources out there also from books, to podcasts, to webinars, etc. Take time to research what is best for your teen. It may change for each child you have. 

“Don’t decide on money, decide on what you value” – Jolie Viguers

We also talk about teens going to college. What advice Jolie has and how she makes sure every client of hers can get the exact help they need.

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