Episode 42: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Being Ready for Retirement

As we look forward to our future retirement, what we find is that we’re looking at one of the longest self imposed periods of unemployment that we will ever have in our lifetime. 

Today I want to do is go through 10 questions that you should ask yourself to test how ready you are for retirement. And if you’re heading down the right path to get you to a safe and secure retirement. 

Number 1 – Are you struggling to pay current bills? 

Number 2 – Do you have high levels of debt? 

Number 3 – Have you put together a plan for future major expenses?

Number 4 – Do you know what your Social Security benefit will be? 

Number 5 – Do you have a current monthly financial plan?

Number 6-  Do you have a long term financial plan? 

Number 7 – Have you taken into consideration inflation?

Number 8 – Have you considered the cost of medical care? 

Number 9 – Are you maximizing your investment dollars

Number 10 – What will you do with your time now this is not a financial question?

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