Getting You to A Tax-Free Retirement with David McKnight

Taxes–a topic many people don’t give much thought to when retirement planning. But you have to plan for tax rate risk when you are piecing together your retirement portfolio and plan. 

If not, your retirement is bound to be impacted by what experts predict to be double what tax rates are now. Instead of paying the lower taxes of today, you could be paying more on your hard-earned and saved money. 

To break down tax rate risk and its impact on your retirement, this week Dave brings on David McKnight, Power of Zero founder and best-selling author, onto the show. 

During this episode you will learn: 

  • what tax rate risk is
  • how tax rate risk can and will impact your retirement
  • how a one-size-fits-all approach to tax strategy is not ideal
  • tactics and methods to reduce and eliminate tax rate risk (and some that may even help reduce other risks such as longevity, withdrawal rate, and sequence of returns risks)

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