How to Cook Budget-Friendly and Healthier in Retirement with Chef Dennis

When living in a society that is fast paced like ours, the convenience of take-out and quick meals is very appealing. But did you know that cooking more at home could save you money in retirement and promote a healthier lifestyle? 

This week Dave Hall hosts Chef Dennis Littley to discuss an ever-growing desire to cook at-home to save money, time, and improve health. Chef Dennis is an experienced chef turned food blogger in his retirement. With over 40 years in the culinary field, Chef Dennis is your go-to gentleman about cooking restaurant-style entrees and meals in your own kitchen. 

During this episode you will learn: 

  • how and why cooking at home can save you money in your retirement years
  • how to cater your kitchen needs to your tastebuds 
  • about kitchen appliances and equipment you may want to help encourage cooking at home
  • how recipes are only guidelines and that adjusting them to your likes and tastes will help you fall in love with cooking more

For more recipes, tips, and tricks visit Restaurant Style Recipes | Chef Dennis (

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