Optimizing Your Retirement Strategy to Address the Two Risks of Social Security

Majority of America is going to rely on the Social Security program for their retirement to some extent. But with our retirement landscape changing and the Social Security program on the brink of challenges itself, it is important to know that Social Security should not be the only thing you rely on for retirement. In reality, it should be about 40% of your retirement income. 

The truth is so many people don’t understand what they are entitled to with Social Security, and potentially leave money on the table they should get. 

On today’s episode Dave discusses: 

  • the history of the Social Security program
  • the challenges it faces now
  • and ways to potentially fix these issues
  • the risks of Social Security that could hurt your retirement
  • provisional income and Social Security tax

Social Security is the foundation of many retirements. And with the fear of running out of money so high in retirees, understanding Social Security is VERY important.

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