Reasons Why Retirees Claim Social Security at 62 and The Consequences of Doing So

Ever wonder what impact claiming your Social Security benefits at an early age would have on your retirement plan? Ever wonder if claiming your benefits at 62 is the best option for you? Ever wonder why a chunk of people claim their benefits right when they are eligible to? Or wonder about the consequences of doing so? 

This week Dave provides detailed answers to those questions! 

Dave discusses two reports from the RAND Corporation that focused on the reasons why people claim their benefits so early and the consequences that may arise from claiming them so early. 

During this week’s episode you will learn: 

  • Why so many folks do claim their Social Security benefits at 62 
  • How claiming so early will impact your overall benefits negatively 
  • That age does matter when it comes to claiming your benefits
  • The consequences of claiming before Full Retirement Age 

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