Vehicles & Strategies to Mitigate Your Financial Risks in Retirement at FIG’s Annual Sales Symposium

With the biggest fear for retirement being the fear of running out of money, the old traditional paradigm of retirement planning exposes more retirees to financial risk than ever before. A new, risk-based approach is what will make your retirement money last!

And this week Dave Hall interviews professionals within the FIG network at the FIG Annual Sales Symposium about strategies, vehicles, and products that can help address, reduce, and eliminate the risks facing your retirement. 

During this week’s mini-interview series with Dave you will learn: 

  • strategies that will help your funds last throughout retirement
  • what products can reduce more than one financial risk at a time
  • ways products and services since as reverse mortgages and annuities have improved over the years
  • how these products can help you or your clients for retirement

Those Interviewed: 
Nicki & Sean Redinbaugh, The Legacy Guardians
Stephen Resch, Finance of America Reverse
Andre Thompson, Silac Insurance Company
Angela Schroder, USE&O Brokers 
Jeff Hallman – Asset Life Settlements
Tiya Stanley, F&G
Ethan Kap, Wealth Beyond Wall Street

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