EPISODE 05: The Secret to Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half

How do you create a company that has generated over $6 million in revenue and over 2000 media segments with less than $500 in paid ads? We are not talking about an instant Amazon selling machine. We are talking about helping people save money on anything from their grocery bill, to travel, to cell phones, to you name it, with less than $500. I bet you are telling yourself that this has to be some sort of scam. Think again, this is all about building a formula that was born out of trial and error.

Josh Elledge, Founder of SavingsAngel.com and UpMyInfluence.com has made all the financial mistakes from foreclosure to bankruptcy and is now a leader in the financial and influencer space. How is this possible? I can see that you are a little more interested, so let’s continue.

Robert Stevens, Founder of Geek Squad said, “Advertising is the price you pay for being unremarkable”. Josh figured out how to make his mark as an influencer and package it. But this is just the beginning. Josh said, “We have to have meaning it what we do, money is important but when you wake up in the morning and all you’re thinking about is that salary or your profits or your commissions, or who can I sell to?” We need to have purpose in what we are trying to accomplish.

I ask you, where is your purpose in life? Josh has this figured out and it is about changing your mindset, just like creating a new way of advertising instead of dropping money on paid ads. Josh said, “The faster you can get to a mindset where you’re thinking what is the value I can bring? How can I make someone else’s life better? How can I inspire somebody today to live better?”

Life is just easier when you focus on your purpose, your values, your mission, and why do you do what you do.

This leads us to where the podcast really explodes. I am talking hold onto your seat because things get crah-hazy.

You will get Josh’s secret to cutting your grocery bill in half, you will find out how to save more than ever on even your cell phone bill. The information that is packed into this show will leave you craving for more savings and that is a good thing, because Josh has an entire podcast dedicated to helping you save more. Josh said,  “if you listen to 30+ shows you are going to be in a completely different position with your money, and that’s kind of the goal is by the way.”

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