EPISODE 06: Side Hustle: How To Get Paid Doing What You Love

Are you ready to have your mind blown? We are talking all about side hustles on this episode with the talented Daniella Flores from Iliketodabble.com

Side Hustles are born out of a need for more money, a crappy job or just because you need something to do with your extra time. Daniella is no exception. She said, “side hustling came from spending too much and over compensating, because I kind of had a spending problem”. Don’t we all? We all find ourselves going through cycles where we get our budget in order and then we spend and spend. We end up paying for it or it forces us to improvise and that is where side hustles come in.

Now if you create the wrong side hustle for you it will cost a lot of money to get started. You really need to look for little out of pocket money from the beginning. Start by putting time, effort and products you already have to get some money coming in. 

You can start out by using your phone and working with brands, maybe even a copywriter, or get paid to read books, or do some voiceovers if you have a great studio set up. Whatever you choose to do you can make money from your hobbies that can turn into passive income.

Some people never want to leave their full-time job and they do side hustles to make extra money to make sure they are working toward financial freedom which is Planning for the future with investing and retirement. Others just hate their job so badly that they just need to get away and do something else. You can find enough work with driving for Uber, doordash or even Rover (a dog watching app) that you can supplement your full-time income and make ends meet. It is all about the hustle, but don’t fall into side hustles that will burn you out if you are not thinking about the future. 

The best way we can do as we are focused on growing in this area, is to self educate ourselves. That means we take time to invest in our selves with education. Webinars, conferences, skills, all of these can add value to us and help us gain more sellable skills in the end. 

In order to be successful in any of this you need an accountability partner. Someone who can help push you and someone that can be there for you when things don’t come as fast. Because reality will hit and you struggle. Daniella said, “I suffer with that, it is hard to fight burnout when you’re working a lot.  My roadmap is, I’ve been doing this for two and a half years. I’m still working my full time job.”

It takes time to pay off debt, it takes time to start a good business, it takes time to build up followers for your brand, and it takes time to generate the money from side hustles to make you happy. In the meantime here are 4 things to help you get out of debt and to make sure you are saving your money you are making on the side.

1- Educate yourself

2- Get your mind right

3- Once you understand it, make better decisions

4- Working together and make commitments

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