Late-Life Divorce: Its Impacts on You & Your Retirement with Meredith Shirey

When it comes to late-life relationships and even divorce, Meredith Shirey states, “The goal needs to be understanding, not winning.” A lot can change over a lifetime, especially as our population lives longer. After child-rearing and/or the working years, retirees are faced with a new challenge: more free time, more time at home, and having more time with their significant other. 

Dave Hall brings in family and marriage counselor, Meredith Shirey, this week to discuss the impacts and trends of divorce in aging adults. Not only does it influence your personal life, but can impact your social and financial life, too. 

During this episode Dave Hall and Meredith Shirey discuss: 

-trends and the studies of late-life divorce

-advice, tips, and tricks that can help ease relationship tension after the working years 

-direct impacts late-life divorce could have on your retirement

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Meredith Shirey’s Bio:
Meredith Shirey is a psychotherapist based in New York City. As a licensed marriage and family therapist she specializes in treating attachment and relationally based issues in couples and individuals. She has written and contributed articles to many online publications including, Elite Daily, Bustle, and the New York Times. She also cohosts the podcast “Love me or leave me,” which explores all things related to the complex issues we face in our closest relationships.  

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