The Side of Longevity Rarely Talked About: Its Impact on Your Retirement with Dr. Jennifer Morozink Boylan

As one risk that can multiply the rest by tenfold, longevity is not a force to be reckoned with. Especially as more and more retirees are living beyond their average life expectancy. We should plan for a long life that accounts for retirement being 30, 40, or even 50 years long, so that less retirees are dying broke and can have a safe, happy retirement. 

This week Dave hosts Dr. Jennifer Morozink Boylan, a biological psychologist and professor at the University of Colorado to discuss sides of longevity that aren’t talked about enough. Not only do genetics and where you live impact your longevity, but how you live life, your socioeconomics, and your mental wellbeing. 

During episode 57 you will learn: 

-how psychological factors contribute to your overall wellbeing 

-how those same factors impact your physical health, aiding in longevity

-strategies to better your mental, social, and psychological wellbeing

-other factors that contribute to your longevity through scientific research

For more information on Dr. Jennifer Morozink Boylan’s research and findings on longevity, visit Jennifer Morozink Boylan | Health & Behavioral Sciences | CU Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (

For even more information on how longevity impacts your retirement and is a risk multiplier, visit

Dr. Jennifer Morozink Boylan’s biography:
As a health psychologist, my research addresses the ways in which psychological factors engender resilience and protect against health risks associated with disadvantaged social status (low socioeconomic standing, racial minority). This work utilizes multiple methodologies, including national longitudinal survey data, biological assessments of cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors, and laboratory assessments of emotion regulation and physiological reactivity and recovery to stress.

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