Retirement Is More Than an Event, It’s a Process with Patrice Jenkins, PhD

Life not some linear experience. It is a multitude of chapters, and retirement should be treated as so. Retirement is not a one-time event, but a process that you need to plan for, that you need to think about long-term. 

This week Dave talks with Dr. Patrice Jenkins, organizational psychologist, speaker, and founder of Day One Dreams on celebrating and preparing for retirement. Asking the question, “What do you want to make yourself available to?” Patrice addresses retirement heads on with making the most of it and helping yourself transition into the difficulty that retirement may be. She speaks to her passion for answering the deeper questions and ensuring aging adults are thriving and living in retirement versus just retiring. 

In this episode of the Retirement Risk Show you will learn: 

  • tips and tricks for tackling the social, mental, and psychological factors of retirement readiness 
  • about fears some retirees have about retirement
  • steps to either rekindle or discover a dream you have for retirement
  • the importance of planning retirement as a process, a transition of life

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