Your Money, Your Legacy: Preparing for After You’re Gone with Jon Braddock

Have you considered what your loved ones will need to handle after you pass? Do you have a will in place, trusts, your life and wishes written down somewhere? Preparing for retirement also means planning for end-of-life wants and needs. 

This week Dave brings on end-of-life expert Jon Braddock, co-founder of My Life & Wishes to discuss the importance of making your passing easier on your loved ones and what you can do to prepare for that. While it may be daunting to you, it is important to understand that preparing for death is as important as preparing for life. The beginning of your retirement is as important as the middle and the end.

During this episode you will learn: 

  • about death etiquette
  •  why more people need to do end-of-life planning and the consequences and difficulties that may arise if you don’t
  • what someone can do if a spouse or loved ones passes
  • tips and tricks and even steps to take when estate planning and end-of-life planning
  • what a digital legacy is and why having one is most important in today’s digital world

Jon Braddock is a business owner, entrepreneur, and the author of Advisor or VendorRetireEaseThe My Life and Wishes Organizer and the Amazon best seller Click Here When I Die. Jon has spent more than 30 years in the employee benefit and retirement plan consulting space. He was the founder of Benefit Design Corp. in Milwaukee, WI and founder/co-owner of ISG Advisors, LLC a Madison, WI based company where he served as President and CEO. Jon is responsible for the creation of Behold Vision Plans, the Foundation Benefit Life Insurance Plan and Healthcare Benefit Alliance, a strategic employee benefit alliance for healthcare organizations. Jon’s extensive advisory skills, entrepreneurial thinking and a personal family situation led to his newest company, My Life and Wishes, Inc., a secure cloud based digital planning and document storage business, which helps people prepare for life’s what ifs. Jon and his wife Michelle reside in Scottsdale, AZ. They spend as much time as possible outdoors and are avid hikers and golfers. They have 8 children and one grandson.

For more information on Jon Braddock’s services, books, and company and how he can help you visit Home – My Life & Wishes (

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