Your Mental Wellbeing is Impacting Your Spending and Budgeting for Retirement with Shang Saavedra

Your mental and psychological wellbeing influences your budgeting and spending tendencies more than you know. And whether you are ten years out or a year out from retirement, understanding the why and how of your spending and saving habits will help build your retirement savings. Even if you are in retirement budgeting and saving on expenses is always helpful! 

This week Dave hosts Shang, founder of Save My Cents. As a personal finance coach, Shang teaches about the role your mental wellbeing and needs influence your personal finance journey. She and Dave dive into ways to understand the behaviors that encourage spending, savings, and budgeting. 

During this episode you will learn: 

·       how mental wellbeing and psychological needs influence your personal finance pre-retirement and in retirement

·       tips and tricks to successfully saving and budgeting for your retirement

·       where it may be easiest to cut down in your budget

·       the importance of paying down debt and what may be holding you back

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