Social Security & Medicare: What 2023 Has in Store

2023 is creeping up on us fast. And with this new year approaching and new goals in mind, an essential part to your retirement planning should include understanding the changes Social Security and Medicare will undergo come January 1st, 2023. 

This week Dave talks about these changes to Social Security and Medicare in detail. Not only will you know what changes are being made, but how they will impact you now and years down the road especially as you get into retirement. 

During this episode you will learn: 

·        About the 2023 changes to Social Security

·        About the 2023 changes to Medicare

·        About the changes the Inflation Reduction Act brings on

·        Why these changes will impact you now and later

·        And how these changes will impact you now and later

For more detail on the changes Social Security, Medicare, and your retirement planning will see in 2023 between public policy and updated retirement plan contribution limits please visit our site:

For an even more in-depth breakdown of the 2023 changes, visit and sign up for our flagship presentation “Getting Safely Through Retirement” AND our limited time webinar “2023 and Beyond: Recent Changes to Social Security and Medicare.” 

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